CNET Top 5 – DIY home security systems

The best home security solutions you can set up all on your own.

Windows 7 faces Halloween deadline

CNET Top 5 - DIY Home Security Systems

PCs with Windows 8.1 Pro can be downgraded to Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business. Microsoft volume licensees don't have to worry about their manufacturer's downgrade rights provisions; they have the right to downgrade to any prior …
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Boots debate could stymie war vote Durbin knocks DoD over 'limited

AND ODDS ARE LOOKING SLIM FOR A WAR VOTE THIS YEAR, reports POLITICO's Burgess Everett: “Just a week after cooperating so closely on legislation to arm Syrian rebels, the GOP House and Democratic Senate are now openly disagreeing on when to … A …
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Are DIY HomeSecurity Cameras Smart Enough?

CNET Top 5 - DIY Home Security Systems

For several weeks, I've had an arsenal of the newest home surveillance cameras pointed at my front door: a $ 199 all-in-one security system called Piper, the $ 199 Dropcam Pro, a new $ 150 model called Simplicam, and an old iPhone running the free app …
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Militant Cleric Acquitted of Terrorism Charges

CNET Top 5 - DIY Home Security Systems

“The U.K. courts here were very clear that Abu Qatada poses a threat to our national security,” Theresa May, Britain's home secretary who led the effort to remove Mr. Othman, said on Wednesday. “That's why we were pleased as a government to remove him …
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